Tuesday, 18 June 2013

tame the wild roses

Yesterday I found this lovely pink gown at my usual thrift store, and had to have it. I actually bought it to wear on Thursday as my graduation dress, but I'm sure I would feel uncomfortably overdressed, so I changed my mind. But I'm happy to have it nonetheless. I decided to put it to good use in the early summer afternoon sunshine, so I had my boyfriend take photos of me in various places of my backyard (and neighbour's yards hehe). He's not actually a photographer, and definitely doesn't work with cameras very often, but with a few of my instructions here and there, (never cut off the top of my head; don't get the neighbour's car in the background; no, stand at this angle) I think he did well. After long hours of editing (by me), here are the final results; they definitely capture summer's arrival. Enjoy!

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