Tuesday, 24 February 2015

my day summarized by pictures of things on a white sheet

Christmas presents - adorable tea infuser and an initialled mug

Valentine's chocolates from my sweetheart

Tylenols in a watercolour paint palette

homemade toothpaste

putty I've been playing with lately

and my lovely&chubby guinea pig, Kimba

Friday, 20 February 2015

ice cold

A doodle I made on the back of my tracking card at work. Since I have yet to be trained in many different areas, I have a lot of time on my hands to work away at something like this, especially when customers are scarce. My boss saw it and raved about it and showed everybody; that's a good feeling :)

Thursday, 19 February 2015

whining eye

This is a little something I envisioned randomly when I fell backwards into a snowbank and closed my eyes. It started out in my sketchbook with pencil crayons but I decided it would be too difficult to create the gradient effect in the sky that way, so I decided to recreate the image digitally. I think it turned out pretty good, but I have to say I like the original eye guy a little better.

Monday, 16 February 2015


A little acrylic paint on canvas. Somehow, this idea came to me while I sat in the back seat of a car and stared through the frost on the window. 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

skin under undershirt

There is something so soft and comforting about wearing your boyfriend's t-shirt, especially when it stills smells like his deodorant, or whatever that is. I'm not even typically romantic, nor do I particularly agree with variants of the phrase: 'Give her your hoodie to wear, and she'll love you forever'. I don't intend to steal your clothes. But if I'm staying the night with you at your friend's house and don't have a change of clothes, I'll gladly accept your undershirt. I will also gladly wear it home. And gladly keep it on the pile of clothes at the end of my bed. It's not that I refuse to give it back. But if I can hold on to it a little longer, and wear it when you're not around, I'm probably not going to give it back. By all means, take it. But I won't hand it to you.


Anyway, enough cheeze.
- Have a lil listen to the above tune
- I went in for an interview and got the job on the spot!
- Found the perfect prom dress at the first place I checked woo
- The book I'm reading (Lucid by Adrienne Stoltz & Ron Bass) is pretty lame - I do not recommend.
- I heard chickadee calls this morning and the sun shone and made little rainbows on my wall

Saturday, 7 February 2015

gloomy mood

Here's a collection of gloomy photos I've reblogged on my tumblr recently; by nature I'm often in a gloomy mood, therefore I'm quite fond of gloomy, foggy, misty, rainy, grey sort of weather. Don't get me wrong, there's almost nothing I love more than endless sunny summer days, but I can't relate to any weather the way I can relate to a gloomy day.

The day brings an endless rain.
Warm winds
howl through my hair,
sailing drops
sting my skin
but I stroll    so    slowly,
black boots on black pavement -
the rain is a reflection of the raging discomfort
that lives in my chest, in my lungs, in the lining of my gut
and it seems a disloyalty
to sit in the shelter of my car
when I have not had such a friend
who related to me so accurately/

I was excited to find this photo pop up on my dash. I recognized it immediately -- I tore it out of a National Geographic magazine four years ago and drew it during class.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

transferred to t-shirt

Remember this guy I came up with last week? He's now on a t-shirt, just like I said! I know, I actually did something I said I would do. Our scanner decided to work for once and I printed the design onto transfer paper after whitening all around the face and in some of the flowers. The shirt's too small for me unfortunately, otherwise I'd wear the shit out of it - I like that guy, you just can't tell what emotion is going on there. However, it fits my sister! I'll force her to promote me ;) I'm pleased with how it turned out; things definitely could have been worse.

Monday, 2 February 2015

bathing suit beth

I don't actually know a Beth. This is a really quick Paint drawing I did recently; I hesitated about sharing it because it's so horribly done - as you can see I left out any possible shading I could have done and the photos are so pixelated it's agitating. I wasn't even sure which hair colour I liked best so I ended up with both. 
The snow is coming down pretty heavily; I'm shivering in a pile of blankets dreaming of bathing suits and the sweatier seasons.