Thursday, 13 March 2014

"Meadow Of Fire"

Finished this one today. It looks pretty bright because of my camera's flash, I think, and yes there is a giant crease through the cardboard, but that's okay; I'll probably just end up tacking it to my wall anyway. It isn't my best work (I'm not sure what is), but I'm still learning. I call it "Meadow of Fire: A Photograph by Jonathan Hyde", because I based it completely off of someone else's work: the below photo. (I may have went overboard on the flowers). 


Friday, 7 March 2014

salt pool

This is a painting I did today on a crappy bent&dented piece of corrugated cardboard. It's not something I'm extremely proud of, since there are obvious areas that need improvement, but it did turn out a lot better than I had expected. 
I've called it "Salt Pool".