Tuesday, 18 November 2014

poolside kingdom

Things change so quickly.
There was a time only months ago when I entered a new world of ancient people seen through different light. And there was so much joy and excitement and eagerness for the unknown. Now I sit shivering in a puddle on the pavement cast from the streetlight and that summer kingdom has fallen apart and we smoke and sigh and watch the dull days go by.
But me and you, we stuck together.
I must give back to the Universe for granting me you, but what can I do?

Saturday, 1 November 2014

you scare me to sickness

A tremor roared within me, from the pit of my gut and a fierce tidal wave rose, pulling all my energy and the colour from my face into its build, and crashed down with so much force that it splashed up and streams of salt water ran from my eyes. Even after my sea returned to wind and waves and my eyes had dried, there were broken bits strewn throughout my body and stuck in my skin and I wished I'd drowned in the tsunami, so I tried to drown in gin.