Tuesday, 2 July 2013

sweet breeze

I went with my boyfriend and his family to Prince Edward Island this weekend, and although our stay was short, I love every moment of being away. There's something adventurous about sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, and waking up to an unfamiliar view outside your window. An unfamiliar scent on the breeze. And there was a breeze. It was windy and rainy all weekend. Which isn't so bad; we still spent most of our time outside. I sat on the front steps once everyday to write in my journal and smell the wild roses that grew on either side of the stairs. It's a sweet smell.
Anyway, these are fragments of my weekend. I should have taken more photos than I did, but as I said.. it was windy and rainy; the worst kind of 'take your camera out for a walk' kind of weather.

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