Thursday, 15 January 2015

dull day drawings

Here's a collection of bad quality photos of some not-that-great quality drawings I did today with a Sharpie marker and pencil crayons. I think I'm going to start actually using my blog again. Maybe. I hope. But, you know how that goes. 

I was lying in bed this morning half-asleep and saw this creature through a tunnel.
You know when you close your eyes and see blackness? It was almost like there was a tunnel through the blackness into another room, and this alien thing was peering back at me, looking a bit distraught. It freaked me out enough to get me out of bed; I drew it out and added feminine features.

Struggling to float out of my body under a layer of several blankets.
I imagined a giant hand over my bed before I went to sleep so that if the time came, I could reach up and grab it and be pulled out of my body without really having to think about it.

Sketch of a '70s inspired outfit; there's supposed to be a bag or something in her hand but I got lazy.

The contents of my bag.

- my student ID which is no longer relevant, my driver's license, and debit card
- a spare key in case I get locked out of my car
- a small collection of change
- a couple of bobby pins, a tampon, Christmas lip gloss, and a rectangular tube of lipstick
- a pencil sharpener
- a pouch with a fish on it that I keep my iPod & headphones in, which are also shown
- pink lipstick, a lighter that says wasting my YOUNG YEARS, apple hand cream + another bobby pin
- a smiley face sticker that doesn't stick anymore but I never throw it out for some reason
- a pack of gum with one piece left
- Nivea lip chap
- a hair elastic, an eraser, a green plastic case, a short pencil, and a gel pen
- a Value Village receipt and smushed cigarette package

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