Friday, 9 August 2013

treasured travels

The other day my boyfriend came over with something he thought I would love, and did I ever. A while ago on a rainy day, he came by some trash piled up at the end of somebody's driveway, and found boxes and boxes of these film slides. Thankfully he rescued the ones he could; boxes marked with titles like 'Russia Trip 1972'. Coincidentally, he found a working projector at Value Village for fifteen bucks!
So, here we were at my house with my mom's white bed sheet duct taped to the basement wall, flipping  through slides of a stranger's travels from decades ago. And I can't quite explain why, but I was fascinated. This was an exciting time in someone's life, and it's like we're seeing what they saw forty years ago! Sharing the experience with them, I guess, in a way..
And I wish I could give credit to whoever this person was, because they could really take a photo. I know I'm used to seeing hundreds of badly angled/positioned/etc travel photos, and sometimes I'm guilty of the same thing if I'm just snapping away. But this person knew how to capture a moment, and make them look just as great as they are special.

So, obviously I had to have my own camera out as we viewed the photographs; I took pictures of my favourites so I could share them with the rest of the world. Just think about the fact that these are real people going about their lives, photographed by real people going about their adventures. If that doesn't fascinate you, I can't understand you.

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