Saturday, 7 February 2015

gloomy mood

Here's a collection of gloomy photos I've reblogged on my tumblr recently; by nature I'm often in a gloomy mood, therefore I'm quite fond of gloomy, foggy, misty, rainy, grey sort of weather. Don't get me wrong, there's almost nothing I love more than endless sunny summer days, but I can't relate to any weather the way I can relate to a gloomy day.

The day brings an endless rain.
Warm winds
howl through my hair,
sailing drops
sting my skin
but I stroll    so    slowly,
black boots on black pavement -
the rain is a reflection of the raging discomfort
that lives in my chest, in my lungs, in the lining of my gut
and it seems a disloyalty
to sit in the shelter of my car
when I have not had such a friend
who related to me so accurately/

I was excited to find this photo pop up on my dash. I recognized it immediately -- I tore it out of a National Geographic magazine four years ago and drew it during class.

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