Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I hope I don't seem conceited because the majority of photos I post are of myself. In honesty, I haven't photographed anyone else for a long time. There have been occasions where plans were made to do so, but nothing ever seems to work out. Especially during a stressful time of the school year, it's not like I have time to go out and snap pictures or take leisurely strolls or anything like that.. so I'm constantly posting photos that I took a while ago that are in my folders and don't really relate to anything I'm blogging about. That's about it.
I'm struggling along with my second last essay tonight; as soon as I get these assignments done, I can finally relax (maybe actually get to sleep for a whole night!!), and do the things I haven't had time for like photography, drawing/painting, and collaging etc. That's if I can get through to Friday without having any breaking-point meltdowns or heart attacks of sleep deprivation.
Teeth clenched until then. 

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