Wednesday, 29 May 2013

the diesel sun


The last few days of school should be more cheerful than they are. Instead we're bombarded with final this and final that; major projects, seminars, research essays. I went home today knowing I'd be up in my room, slowly (and painfully) finishing up various assignments.
So, (of course) I took some pictures first. I think that if you spend a little time doing something you love to do before doing something you really don't love to do, you'll be much better off. ( *sly face* )

This set of photos represents those humid summer days we're all impatiently waiting for. Almost there!

those humid summer days 
when the roar of the sun 
sounds like a diesel engine 
and your sweat smells like gasoline

Andd this last photo I just threw in to show you the jewelry I was wearing in the above photos.

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