Tuesday, 13 November 2012

old October

Nobody understands my love for skulls. I have found them to be especially intriguing since I was small. I would look forward to October for months, excited for when the cardboard boxes marked Halloween would be hauled out from the garage, and I could rummage through the contents searching for that one perfect skull (below). I would carry it around with me, and make up in my mind what face would have fit such a skull. (Don't ask why, but the lovely Norah Jones always came to mind.)
Last month we got out the boxes as we always do, but I couldn't bring myself to put this face back in when November rolled in. It's now sitting contentedly on my bookshelf, guarding my Indian stories. 

I've also noticed skulls have become a trend in fashion. I see them as jewelry, as prints on knit sweaters, and I've seen them cut into the back of people's denim vests and jackets. Secretly, this disappoints me in the sense that it's no longer a unique thing I have for them, but that it's now a thing for anyone who has Tumblr.

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